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Entry #1

We're a group!

2010-01-28 07:28:35 by KevinAndJoeCartoons

We've created our group,The Flaming Flash Studios.

I will publish the link to our website when we design it.

I'm working on my first flash that will be submitted to Newgrounds.I'm also working on a Windows simulator.

Now we're just a 3 man group,which creates flash!Want to join us?Send me an e-mail to


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2010-01-28 13:19:39

ok cool


2010-01-31 04:05:36

are u a people?

KevinAndJoeCartoons responds:

What do you mean?


2010-01-31 08:44:31

You're pathetic , 10 year olds making "companies" how cute . having the word studios means you need an actual studio office or else your just a douchebag.

KevinAndJoeCartoons responds:

Ok,we're just a group!And by the way,you're startig to annoy me!